So, what’s this all about then?

New boiler.

Car repairs, or worst case scenario new car.

New bed. Cannot keep living with backache-inducing, too-short bed.

Christmas flight tickets.

So – next year is looking pretty expensive, and it hasn’t even arrived yet. Conscious that it’s going to be a budget-buster, I’ve been starting to think about how we could bring in a little bit of additional cash, to help offset the various financial commitments coming our way.

Don’t get me wrong. The OH and I earn entirely enough for our needs – to fund the big stuff and the nice to haves. But it’s going to be an expensive year, and I’d like us not to exhaust our ‘just in case’ funds if we can possibly help it – which means, essentially, finding some money for nothing.

And because I’m a loser who likes to make a game out of everything, I’ve decided to try as many different ways I can think of to earn a few pennies, save a few pounds, and generally feel the burn of the new commitments coming at us as little as possible.

And I’ll blog about my efforts, in case there’s anyone else who’d like to follow the journey, get some inspiration for which are the real money spinners and which are hokum, or generally have a laugh at my expense (I’m totally fine with that) while I try out these new ideas.

Obvs some things are off limits. I’m not going to sign up to become an egg donor, do medical testing or become a telephone sex worker. Because those all require just a little bit more commitment than I’m willing to give.

What I will do is see where I can trim the fat off our bills and day to day expenses. In addition, I’ll try selling possessions we no longer need, starting a much-discussed etsy shop and turning my hand to various other money-spinning adventures. All while holding down my full-time job, and not letting it take over my life. She says.

So – come and join me on the ride. And if you have any potential money-collecting things you’d like me to try, just give me a shout!


The Penny Pincher


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